Tim Ward

Executive Producer/Partner

Tim, with a background as an award-winning agency creative director (and a director himself), guides productions and the bidding process, always with the intention of enhancing the conceptual message and the experience. Having been on both sides of the process gives Tim a unique, insightful and positive perspective that not only helps clarify and manage expectations but also offers comprehensive solutions and fresh, innovative ideas.

Domenic Mastrippolito


Domenic began his career in Hawaii shooting sailing and surfing films as well as doing camera work on “Superman”, “Spiderman” and TV’s Modern Family. Domenic also shares his time with the advertising world, directing commercials for clients such as United Airlines, Budweiser, Taco Bell, Canon, and DirecTV. He has been nominated for Best Director by the Directors Guild and has received numerous industry awards including an Emmy. He successfully ran his own production company for many years before joining Bottle Rocket.